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Dr. Arthur D'Jang shares a light moment during his collaboration with Professor Marvin Edeas,

Physician-Scientist at The Pasteur Institute in Paris, France,
on Oncolyn® project, March 1999. Dr. Edeas is the current
President de la Société Française des Antioxdants.


Dr. Arthur D'Jang with distinguished Professor of Medicine, Dr. Zhou
Dian-Yuan at the Institute of Digestive Diseases, First Military
Medical University in Guangzhou, China, February 2000.
A long range investigative project with Oncolyn® is in progress.

During the "Integrative Medicine 2000" Meeting in Lisbon, Dr. D'Jang shared with physicians from around the world, Oncolyn's® effectiveness. Practictioners from France, Spain, England, Portugal and other European countries are using Oncolyn® in their practices.

Dr. Arthur D'Jang and Professor Marvin Edeas announced their joint research on Oncolyn's® function against virus propagation. The 2nd International Conference on Superoxide Dismutases was Organized by Dr. M. Edeas and Chaired by Dr. J.M. McCord in May 2000.


Dr. D'Jang exchanges experiences on Oncolyn® with Professor Jacques Emerit, Chair of Medicine, University of Paris and Professor M. Edeas at The Pasteur Institute, May 2000

Dr. D'Jang with two young Professors at the Asian Food Sciences
Conference in Beijing, China, October 1999

Dr. D'Jang, Dr. Nelson and Dr. Sun Hui presented a Poster Exhibit on Oncolyn® at the 9th Annual Research Conference sponsored by The American Institute for Cancer Research in Washington, D.C., September 2000

 Visit The 9th Annual Conference AICR

Conférence Internationale
Les Effets Bénéfiques du Thé sur la Santé
 Avancées Récentes dans la Recherche Scientifique et Médicale
  23-26 Novembre 2000

 Parc des Expositions – Paris Porte de Versailles
   Sous le Haut Patronage de :
           l'Association Internationale des Antioxydants dans la Nutrition et Santé (
        Société Française des Antioxydants

Dr. Arthur D'Jang presented a paper at the scientific session of The International Tea Exposition

held November 23-26, 2000, in Paris, France.

The main theme was on his recent findings on Oncolyn® and EGCG's effectiveness.

 Winter Meeting SFRR Europe VALENCIA (SPAIN)
          November 30 - December 2, 2000

 Organized by Francisco J. Romero, Jose C. Fernández-Checa,
Giuseppe Poli & Lester Packer

Dr. Arthur D'Jang presented the research results on Oncolyn®
for the European Free Radical Research Society in Valencia, Spain,
November - December 2000, II International Meeting on Oxidative Stress:

Biochemistry and Pathophysiology
The SFRR Europe Winter Meeting was held at the
"Facultad de Medicina y Odontologia", Universitat de València, Spain

 9-12 June  2001, Athens, Greece
DJang attended the "Antioxidants in Cancer Prevention and Therapy"  June  2001, Athens,
and presented a paper on Oncolyn
®.  The International Conference is organized and
supported by the International Institute of Anticancer Research.


Dr. Galaris of Greece, Dr. Bolz Frei of Oregon USA
and  Dr. Arthur H.K. DJang of New York, USA, 
exchanging views during International Conference on Antioxidants in
Cancer Prevention and Therapy held in Athens Greece.

June 4-7, 2001

Visit The IIAR Conference in Athens, Greece

The Third International Conference on
Oxygen/Nitrogen Radicals: Cell Injury and Disease   (ONRCID 2001)
Lakeview Scanticon Resort and Conference Center
Morgantown, West Virginia
September 16-19, 2001
(Postponed due to The 911 Attack on America)


 3rd International ONRCID 2001

 2nd International Meeting on
7-10 November 2001


Santé International, Inc.
Medical, Scientific and Marketing Forum
Annual Meeting 2002
Hilton Niagara Falls Hotel, Niagara Falls, Ontario
February 22-23, 2002


PSE Symposium on
 "Dietary Phytochemicals and Human Health"
Universidad de Salamanca, Spain
April 18-20, 2002


 Visit PSE Symposium

Free Radicals and Oxidatvie Stress:
Chemistry, Biochemistry and Pathophysiological Implications
June 26-29, 2003
Ioannina, Greece

SFRR Meeting June 2003

8th Central European Lung Cancer Conference
September 1-4, 2002
Vienna, Austria

Imperial Palace

Monte Carlo Anti-Aging
Conference and Exposition

The 3rd Annual Monte Carlo Anti-Aging Conference and Exposition

September 6-7, 2002


AICR/WCRF International Research Conference
International Research Conference on Food, Nutrition and Cancer

July 17-18, 2003
Washington DC, USA

AICR/WCRF International Research Conference

The 10th World Conference on Lung Cancer
August 10-14, 2003
Vancouver, Canada

Santé International, Inc.

Scientific, Medical and Marketing Forum
November  2003
Niagara Falls, Ontario
, Canada

photo of Representative Physicians, Attorneys, Pharmacists,
Management and Nutritionists from USA, Canada  and China.


Award of Meritorious Contribution to Science and Medicine in a plaque with gold medals was presented to
Dr. Arthur H.K. DJang by the representatives of First Nations of Canada during the annual meeting
of Santé International, Inc. at the Hilton Niagara in Niagara Falls, Canada.

Anti-Aging Conference & Exposition
11th International Congress on Anti-Aging & Biomedical Technologies
December 12-14, 2003
The Venetian Hotel & Resort
Las Vegas, NV, USA

SFRR-Europe Meeting 2003
"Free Radicals and Oxidative Stress: Chemistry, Biochhemistry
and Pathophysiological Implications"
Ioannina, Greece
June 26-29, 2003

Conference Chairman:  Dimitrios Galaris, Ph.D.

The 3rd International Conference on
Superoxide Dismutases
Recent Advances and Clinical Applications
Institut Pasteur, Paris
June 10-11, 2004

3rd International Conference on Superoxide Dismutases

Phytochemistry and Application of Plant Saponins Phytochemical

Society of Europe and the Polish Phytochemical Society

September 8-10, 2004
Pulawy, Poland

Seventh International Conference
of AntiCancer Research

October 25-30, 2004
Corfu, Greece

Oxygen Club of California
University Turin

September 7-10, 2005
Alba, Italy

Oxygen Club of California

2005 International Berry Health Benefits Symposium

June 13 & 14, 2005
LaSells Stewart Center    Corvallis, Oregon

Future Trends in Phytochemistry  

June 28–July 1, 2006
Conference Center of Palacký University

Future Trends in Phytochemistry



University of Ioannina School of Medicine, Greece

Dr. Arthur H.K. DJang has a ongoing joint research project with Professor Demetrios Galaris,

 Department of BioChemistry on cell aging and cancer since June, 2001


Dr. Arthur H.K. DJang during the past twelve years starting in 1988, collaborating
with Dalain University Medical School and International Red Cross Hospital for various clinical projects on aging and cancer. 

Photo taken with Professor Sun-Qing-Yu at the Campus.

Group photo with Dr. Sun, former vice-president for Academic Affairs,
Dalian Military College, in front of the Basic Science Building together with
members of the faculty and management team.

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