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Dr. Arthur H.K. DJang  M.D., Ph.D., M.P.H.

Founder and President

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Oncolyn ®
 Protected by four (4) United States patents, a Canadian Patent and European Patent  

Longevity Crystal®
Powerful Antioxidant

Viranox ®
Working toward a Healthier Lifestyle

Mellinol ®

Growing older the Healthier Way

Evergreen Green Tea Ultra Extract
Theanine, Theasinesine and 90 % Plus Polyphenols
  containing EGCG for a maximum benefit.

Rejuvenin ®  & Oncolyn®  Crèmes

Wonderful Anti-Aging and Therapeutic Cremes


These Dietary Supplements shown above are derived from extracts of edible plants.

The Crémes are manufactured with Dr. DJang's scientifically researched ingredients.

These are a few of the many functional and scientific products developed by Arthur H.K. DJang, MD. 
All products manufactured by Santé International, Inc. are protected by

The United States Patent and Trademark Office.

European Scientific Symposium

Ploiesti, Romania , May 26, 2012







Arthur H.K. DJang, M.D., Ph.D., M.P.H., was the recipient of the Gold Medal of Honor for

Research from Romania's Foundation for Science (2012) in Ploiesti, Romania.  

The scientific meeting was chaired by Professor Dr. Silviu Costache, Chairman, Foundation of Science and

Professor Dr. Mihai Alin Scarlat, Internal Medicine Physician, Doctor of Medical Sciences.


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World Business Review Television Program

Florida, USA, February 2002


General Alexander Haig, former US Secretary of State, Supreme Commander of NATO
and Host of World Business Review, discussing the function of Oncolyn®
with the inventor, Dr. Arthur H. K. DJang, M.D., Ph.D., M.P.H. of Santé International, Inc.
of Jamestown, New York on February 2002.  Oncolyn® has been used in the
 United States and other countries for the past twenty (20) years.


Dr. Arthur H.K. DJang – Research Laboratory




Dr. Arthur H.K. DJang and Staff following up on scientific progress.


Santé International, Inc., Scientific, Medical and Marketing Forum
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

Santé International group photo of representative Physicians, Attorneys, Pharmacists,
Practitioners, Management and Nutritionists from USA, Canada  and China.

Award of Meritorious Contribution to Science and Medicine in a plaque with gold medals was presented to
Dr. Arthur H.K. DJang by representatives of First Nations of Canada during the annual meeting
of Santé International, Inc. at the Hilton Niagara in Niagara Falls, Canada.


        The Pasteur Institute in Paris, France


Dr. Arthur H.K. D'Jang shares a light moment during his collaboration with Professor Marvin Edeas,

Physician-Scientist at The Pasteur Institute in Paris, France, discussing Oncolyn® used in his project,

Dr. Edeas is the current President de la Société Française des Antioxdants.


 First Military Medical University
Guangzhou, China

Dr. Arthur D'Jang with distinguished Professor of Medicine,
Dr. Zhou
 Dian-Yuan at the Institute of Digestive Diseases,
First Military
 Medical University in Guangzhou, China.
A long range investigative project on Oncolyn® is in progress.

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Summary of Accomplishments

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